Pregnancy Yoga

Pre-Post Natal

Prenatal Strength and Stretch fitness series designed for new mothers and mothers-to-be.

Created by a professional pre-post natal fitness specialist, it's a mix of resistance training, pilates, and yoga and great to assist you physically and emotionally in managing the changes that are happening to you during and after pregnancy. A safe and effective workout program will help you to build stronger muscles to maintain a healthy weight, improve posture and the proper function of your pelvic floor muscles.

There are also mental benefits, as there is a mindfulness component and the class teaches you how to release muscle tightness, tension, bring emotional balance, reduce stress, and increase self-awareness.

You will have an opportunity to connect with other moms as you enjoy the benefits for both you and your baby.

Pregnant women and postpartum women (6+ weeks after giving birth).

You can also bring your non-mobile baby with you!


I recommend that you wear light breathable clothing or sportswear to ensure maximum comfort and flexibility, suitable footwear, such as trainers, for stability and support. I am also highly advise that you bring plenty of water to ensure that you keep hydrated during your session.

Classes held in Abbotsford Recreation Centre and Mission Leisure Centre

Late registration is acceptable!

Classes are kept small so I can give attention to all participants.

**Before your first session, please fill out the PARmedX for pregnancy (if you are pregnant) or PAR-Q (if you are not pregnant) for or health screening (please, fill it out, print, and bring it prior to your first class). 

PARmedX for pregnancy (pregnant)

PAR-Q+ (not pregnant)

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